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Refurbished Fujifilm Frontier & Fujifilm Frontier


We have Refurbished Fujifilm Frontier 350 (2 units) and Fujifilm Frontier 370 (2 units). Print head used about 3000 hours, very good conditioned.


Fujifilm Frontier 350 / Fujifilm Frontier 370 :
The high-capacity, state-of-the-art digital, minilab from the experts in image quality.
Top-quality prints from digital sources
Beautiful print production from either digital cameras or computer-created images stored on digital media.
Exciting new print services
A selection of formats, special-effects processes and customized services that let you offer customers a variety of appealing products.

Features of Frontier-350 Minilab:
- High-Performance Printing
- 1,300 3R prints per hour, 1,050 4R prints per hour
- Printed on Traditional silver halide materials
- CD-ROMS, PC cards, Zip disks, and other digital media
- Combines 3 hi-res CCDs to for accurate scanning
- Scans negative and reversal films in most formats
- Provides revolutionary print quality at high speeds
- Performs advanced custom printing functions
- Hyper-Sharpness Image Processing and Compensates for film grain

Specifications of Frontier-350 Minilab:
- SP-2000 scanner and Image Processor
- LP-1500 Laser Printer/Paper Processor
- Print Speed : 1,300 Prints per hour
- Max Print Size : 10inches * 15 Inches
- Print Media : 135F/H/P, IX240C/H/P. 120, 110, etc and Digital Media
- Floor Space : 0.8M2 + 1.4M2 = Total 2.2M2
- Processing Time : 4 Minutes for dry to dry.